Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Food Product Training


Food Product Training. 20 people were made to sell pastries and patties at their office to strengthen their economy. Management Negombo.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Commemorate the died people in the Ester attack


More than 250 people were died as a result of the bomb attack which was done by the Islamic extremists targeting the general public in the three churches and luxury hotels in the Easter Sunday on 21 of April 2019. It has been happened exactly one month ago for today.  It commemorated the people who died due to the Ester Sunday attack by lighting oil lamps in front of the statue of “Mather Marry” near the Muhandiram ground on 21 of May 2019 in Negombo. Representatives of Sri Vimukthi Fisher Women Organization, members of National Fisheries Solidarity Movement, Religious leaders,  and villagers participated in the event

Religious teachings guide people to protect peace


There is a tendency to create radical conflicts among the nations after the Ester attack and some incidents were occurred especially in the Poruthota area in Negombo. There is a tense situation in the area due to the attack. According to the situation, religious leaders, civil society organizations, professionals, women, youth, media persons and community leaders organized as “Negombo Citizen Collective” in order to take actions toward to build up the peace, co-existence and reconciliation among the nations in Negombo.  It decided to implement poster campaign and fix the cutouts highlighting various religious quotes in different places in Negombo. The purpose of the campaign is to request people to protect peace without engaging with any incident which direct to violate peace in the area. We attempted to build religious restraint of the people through this.  This campaign was conducted from 16 to 18 in May, 2019 based on Negombo. 

Collective action to Peace and Harmony


It has been decided to have a meeting and a collective action to promote peace and harmony and to eliminate the suspicion and distrust within the District of Negombo by the ‘Negombo Citizen Collective’ at the Negombo bus stand on the 31st of May 2019. Several civil society organizations will participate for this program.  A planning meeting for the above occasion was held at Munnakaraya and Kadolkele and Kudapauwa to educate people on the importance of Peace and harmony.  Miss, Subhashini of ‘Sri Vimukthi womens Organization and Mr. Pradeep Wanigasooriya and Mr.Nuwan Pradeep represented the National Fisheries Solidarity.   

Let's get together for build Humanity among Sri Lankans -Unity of Negombo Citizens'


After the suicide attacks on 21/4. the divisions among the Sri Lankan ethnic groups have widened very seriously.  Negombo was one of the worst affected area where hundreds of Catholic devotees killed at the Easter Sunday mass. Amidst the serious attack, the people in Negombo were kept calm and patiente, which is admirable. The example of Negombo people set was reduced the violence in the country, at the post attack context. Unfortunately, it was 2 weeks after the 21/4 attack, some unfortunate incidents happened on 5th May with the gang attacked in some areas of Negombo.
The organized Negombo citizens were shocked with the attacks and approached Police and defense ministry for the prompt actions to protect innocent citizens. However, for long term reconciliation, we need to have people to people dialogue and build up trust among the communities, ethnic groups around the country. One of an accusation against the Muslim's is that they are not interact with the other ethnic groups. We can understand why they were attempted to isolate from the others and went in side their shells with the suspicion and pressure from the society. So, we the concern citizens in Negombo area attempt to extend the hands with solidarity and brother/sisterhood among the citizens.

 As one of a step for peace and reconciliation, we the Unity of Negombo Citizens' is organizing a mass rally on 31st May at Negombo, at 2.30 pm under the theme of "Yesterday, Today and even Tomorrow, we are United for Humanity!"
We invite all the concern citizens, to join with us to say "We are united to build a Rainbow City in Negombo"

Yesterday, Today even Tomorrow, We are United for Humanity


“Unity of Negombo Citizen “ under the theme of “ Yesterday, Today  even Tomorrow, We are United for Humanity “organized an event in order to consult the government to take  systematic the actions that they are taking to build peace and reconciliation among the nations, concern the hate speeches and action of some groups which lead to damage the unity of the nations as well as to show people’s opposition for all harms on 31 of May, 2019 at Lenten ground in Negombo. 
Number of innocent people died as a result of the bomb blast in the Ester Sunday which was targeted the Catholic churches and hotels in Colombo on 21 of April, 2019. The largest damage was done by the attack to the people in the church in Katuwapitiya, Negombo.  A tense situation was created after the attack in Negombo. There was a tendency to happen racial conflicts in the area. 
All religious leaders wished the peace, coexisting and reconciliation among the nations as well as they emphasized the important of living people as one nation in one country.  They deplored the hate speeches and all actions which have been taken toward damage to the peace.  Honorable Vidassi Thero, Mahagalkadawala Punchasara Thero , Father Sathyavel and Sister Rasika, Professor Sumanasiri Liyanage and Herman Kumara, National Convener of National Fisheries Solidarity Movement also  participated in the event.

There was a silent march from the starting point  to the clock tower and came back to the St. Sebasthiyan statue. It  lighted the lamp in the name of peace and reconciliation in order to commemorate the public who died due to the attack.  

Food Product Training

  Food Product Training. 20 people were made to sell pastries and patties at their office to strengthen their economy. Management Negombo.